Veterinarians can Increase Revenue Up to 30% by Financing Patients

It is a fact that many pet owners forgo needed treatments for their pets because they cannot pay for the treatments on immediate basis. When pets get hit by vehicles, have difficulty in giving birth, are affected by poison or toxic substances or because of any other unfortunate incidents, the costs of the incident can be difficult to afford for the pet lover especially when the total amount has to be paid immediately.

It’s also unfortunate to see pets being taken from clinics without complete treatment given to them. The pet owners feel disappointed and even guilty for not being able to give their patients the treatments the pets deserve.

Why does this scenario occur? Because of non affordability of the treatments. What happens as a result is that the pets are given either partial treatments or no treatments at all that the owner can pay for right now.

But There is a Solution.

How about if you were able to retain those pets and could manage to remove the non affordability barrier. That way you could have increased your patient base & earned more revenue. In short, you could easily grow your practice and build your brand.

Vet income is important. It is apparent that all practices want to increase revenue and grow. But when it comes to patient financing, the last thing the vets or providers want to get into is collections, banking or calculations.

You as Veterinarian provide healthcare for pets because you are an expert at it & that is what you love doing. But when you finance your pet owners, you have to worry whether the owners will come back for payments, will the checks clear & who will take care of the collections?

When our sales managers talk to Office Managers of Vet clinics about the patient finance program, a usual reply is, “I already use a program like that”.

but the question changes the plot. When we ask, ”How many times do you actually use the patient financing offer per week?”

The answer typically goes something like this: (And this is where the differences are)!

”FICO score of the patients often eliminates the program so we can’t use it as much as we would like if people can’t qualify.”

Then why not have a plan where you can finance patients on your own term that too without any credit checks. What about a program that gives you guaranteed payments so that you only have to worry about taking care of your practice & patients and the collections, calculations & automation is taken care of by the system.

Yes there is a solution. The solution is MedLoft.

MedLoft allows Veterinarians to finance patients and leave everything else on the MedLoft system so that Veterinarians can concentrate more on what they love to do. This way, they can retain more patients and increase revenue up to 30%.

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