Why Veterinarian Clinic Should Offer Private Health Plans?

Many veterinarian doctors and office manager will admit that a huge percentage of the customers will ignore the recommended treatment for their pets because of their inability to pay the treatment cost immediately.

When pets are hit by cars, suffer heat stroke, poison or toxicity, difficulty giving birth, allergic reactions, bloat and many other unfortunate health issues, the immediate costs can sometimes financially overwhelm the owner. These owners often eventually end up providing the incomplete treatment to their pets. The repercussions aren’t so good. Due to incomplete treatment, these pets develop diseases and health problems that can’t be treated later on.

However, there is a solution that many doctors are using these days to not only treat pets completely but also to help their owners afford their treatments. Private health plans are designed to help keep the treatment cost of the pets affordable. While many people make use of commercial health plans that guarantee discounted treatments, a local vet would actually do well by creating her own private health plans that would also help her earn monthly recurring revenue.

Benefits of private health plans

Generate Customer Loyalty

Assuming the private health plan is simple and easy for people to use, they get their own personal benefit by bringing their pets in for treatments. By creating this type of value-added convenience for pet owners, vets can now get an edge over the competition. Pet owners who feel respected and feel they are paying affordable rates for the plan coverage and are getting “highest-quality” treatment are highly unlikely to consider changing vets.

Ease of Administration

Vet private health plans that are designed at the local level are much easier to manage. These plans do not require plan administrator and can be easily managed by the vet herself. If these plans are owned and operated by the vet, pet owners do not have to consult with anyone except for the vet and every little information is readily available.

Additional Revenue Stream

Since vet private health plans usually include a monthly installment payment in return for providing selected health services to pets, the plan helps to create an additional revenue stream for the vets. More importantly, that revenue stream is easier to project over the course of the year. This makes it easier to develop an operating budget for the vet’s clinic and make sure that all the bills are paid on time, which will certainly facilitate more efficient management.

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