MedLoft® Partner Program

MedLoft® Partner Program is an exclusive program that recognizes top-producing partners & distributors and further invests in those who show deep commitment to MedLoft®, increasing the value of a MedLoft® partnership.

MedLoft system helps doctors finance their patients and offer their own private health plans. As a result, doctor earn monthly recurring payments, retain their patients and increase revenue. It is available for doctors of all specialties such as Surgeons, Gynaecologists, Ophthalmologists, Veterinarians, Hearing Aid Specialists, ENT specialists & Dieticians.

Why MedLoft® Partner Program!

Become a member of the MedLoft® Partner Network. This network is to make a WIN-WIN situation for you and us. As a result, you make money and we get clients.
You can earn huge monetary benefits by working as a MedLoft® Partner. Resell MedLoft® to any doctor across United States or Canada and we give you a handsome commission.

MedLoft® Partner Brochure

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What You Need to Do?

Introduce MedLoft® system to any Doctor across USA or Canada. Explain the features and benefits and use your strategy to sell it. If they like to buy it, get them enrolled at using your Partner ID and we give you our commissions immediately.

How We Help!

We first equip you with complete product training. When you start selling, our sales team provides you instant sales and marketing support. Our online partner portal includes features that will make your order process smooth

What You Earn!

By now, you know about the product, who is it for and what you need to do. But what is most important for you is what is there for you! If you think you can do it, we have huge incentives to inspire you even more.

Private health plans

For each Doctor enrolled with MedLoft® Private Health plan using your Partner ID, we give you flat $300. You read it right. You get $300 per Doctor.

Patient Financing

Any Doctor can enroll with Patient Financing for $149. After enrollment, once the Doctor enrolls just two patients, we give you $50.

Aren’t you excited. Just to add to your motivation, there are other incentive programs which we share once you join.

How to Become a Partner

You only need to follow a simple three step process.

Step 1

Become a Member

Sign up by filling the MedLoft® Partner Registration form. Fill all the details and the system will automatically generate a unique Partner ID for you.

Step 2

Get Online Product Training

We will provide you the complete online product training of MedLoft® so that you are well equipped to sell MedLoft®.

Step 3

Start Earning

Combine our system with your marketing strategy. Star selling and start earning.

Now you can start selling MedLoft® system and earn income for yourself.

Become a member of the MedLoft® Partner Network.

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