How to Market & Grow Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

How to Market & Grow Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

The demand for cosmetic surgery is increasing. More and more people in US go for cosmetic surgeries to look better and beautiful. It’s not that people go for surgeries to get good health but to look better as well. There is much more acceptance towards cosmetic surgeries and more understanding of the benefits amongst people.

This is awesome news for cosmetic surgeons. They can now grow their practice and increase their revenues but only if they reach out people about their services.

If you are a cosmetic surgeon or working in this field, you do know how cosmetic surgery can positively impact people get good health as well as good looks all at the same time. But there many who still don’t know about it. So you must know how to market your cosmetic surgery practice. Here are some tips that you must try.

Social Media

As they say, market yourself where your target audience is. And these days, the whole world in present on the social media. So it becomes must for you to be present on all major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I am sure you would have heard this from hundreds of other posts & people. But I shall tell you how can you effectively use these mediums to market your practice.

Facebook gives you the option to create pages and groups. First you type create group in the search box or go to setting to create a page. Give it a name, choose your business type and create your page. Now enter your personal and professional details on the page, choose your profile picture, cover photo and you are done with setting up your page. Keep posting related pictures, posts on your page. Now the challenge is to get likes. You can ask your patients to like your page so that they can keep a follow up with your holidays, not working days etc.

There is one more helpful way to promote your practice using Facebook. Make a group by the name of your practice or related and add your patients, contacts & prospects. Alternatively become a part of other related health groups and promote your practice. Similarly you can create lists in Twitter and promote your practice there.

Teaming Up

To market your cosmetic surgery practice,  you can consider sharing space with other specialty doctors, if you are a beginner. That way their patients could become your patients too since your specialty is different and as a result help each other. Thus when you offer complementary services, you help others and yourself by taking benefits from existing pool of patient of each other.

Offer Patient Financing

One more thing that can significantly boost your practice revenue is by marketing the fact that you offer patient financing. It’s not common for people to go for cosmetic surgeries. They take time thinking about it and when people take time in taking a decision, they invest that time in research. So if you marketing the fact that you offer patient financing, there are good chances that you will be able to acquire new patients. It is a known fact that cosmetic surgery procedures are not covered by any insurance company, offering patient financing to those patients can thus be even more motivating.

If your marketing campaigns includes that your patient financing option is affordable, simple and customized, it will be easy to acquire new patients. MedLoft offers easy financing options for patients. Patients and doctor can mutually decide the down payment, duration of the financed amount and the number of installments so that it is easy for patients as long as it meets doctors costs as well. Click here to sign up with MedLoft.

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