How to Market Patient Financing

How to Market Patient Financing -MedLoft

If you are not witnessing any revenue growth, it’s high time you should restrategise. Think about the problems your patients have and how you can solve them to retain and acquire more patients. When you give time to this, you will be able to draw some reasons on why your practice is not growing at the expected rate.

Take out 2 minutes and start listing.


Here are the top reaons why most doctors find it difficult to increase their revenues.


  1. Patients can not afford your treatments or find them expensive
  2. Patients can not find the services they want
  3. Competitors are being heavy on your practice.
  4. Other reasons.


Now if you look at the first 3 reasons and analyze, you will discover that if you offer financing services from MedLoft or from any other service provider to your patinets, you will be able to cover the first 3 points with Patient Financing. With your patients being able to afford your services, you can then manage your practice the way you always wanted.


How to Market Patient Financing


Now that you have decided to offer Patient Financing services to your patients, it’s important that you patients know that you offer this service. So its vital how you market this and exploit to your benefit.

Some of the best ways to promote patient financing are given below.


  1. Train your Staff

Train your staff to probe your patients if they are looking to get their tretaments financed. If yes, they should have training on how to sell it. Your staff should be trained on how to describe the benefits of patient financing.


  1. Promotion on Website 
  • Landing Page

Now that you offer patient financing, you must showcase it on your website. You can have a button on the front banner. When somebody clicks on the button, it should tke the visitor on a different landing page which describes patient financing, instalments, downpayments, duration and monthly instalments.

  • Calculator

You could also add a calculator on your website which calculates the monthly instalments based on the parameters which can be changed as per the requirement of the patients like downpayments, duration of repayment etc

In a planned treatment or procedure such as liposuction, hair transplant, cosmetic surgery etc, a patient does a lot of reserach in order to find the most affordable tretament. So if you tell your costs and monthly instalments in the website itself, there are more chances that you stay in the mind space of the patient.


  1. Updating all your online Profiles

These days doctors have several web properties and social profiles. You should update all of these to say that you now offer patient financing services.


  1. Promotional Material

Get some brochure or chart printed and displayed in your clinic or hospital that highlights the fact that your offers patient financing and how it helps them. You could also go for standies that are placed in patients’ waiting area so that your patients can understand how it helps them.


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