Make most of your Practice Signage

Make most of your Practice Signage

I made a few visits to new practices in the past few months and the most frustrating thing was finding them. While the navigation lady said, ‘you have reached your destination’, I could still not spot the same. As a result, I passed the practice and then I had to take a U turn, resulting in driving as long as 5 to 7 extra kms.


This is because practices don’t understand the importance of signage. It is through signage that your new patients can reach you on time. Thus a signage which is not visible results in difficulty for new patient to reach you. As a result, they could be late or not reach you at all for the appointment directly affecting your revenues.


Now that you connect to this problem and recall patients who have complained of poor signage, let’s take a look at what is wrong.


Often practices assume that finding their practices is easy forgetting that it is not easy for the patient who is travelling to the area for the first time. Thus they either have a small signage board outside or have no signage at all. Remember that a signage not only guides patients to your practice but also works to increase the awareness about your practice throughout the year.


Some practices have a signage but it can not be distinguished. Either they are not lit or the color of the signage is dull or it is the same as background wall and becomes difficult to locate.


To make the most of it, make sure that the color of the words and the background are dark and light respectively. Plus place it in a location, where it can be easily spotted even from distance.

If you can make it lit, either from a light falling on it from outside or investing in a light box, that is the best way to make your practice visible at all times.


Last but most important, do not put too much information on your signs. When was the last time you stopped to read the signage board in detail? Similarly nobody will have the time to read too much about your practice at a sign board. So it’s important that the sign board has visible big fonts and the words can be read from distance. No too many messages on the board.


So invest in a sign board for your new patients and decrease the distance of your practice by at least a few hundred yards. After you have set it, test it if it is visible to new patients coming to visit you. You might be surprised to observe a small growth in your patients’ footfall.

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