Difficulties in growing your practice and how to cope with them!

A doctor’s life is not easy. First the medical education takes years and when you start our practice, It takes a lot more than only the medical knowledge to run a medical practice successfully. It takes a significant amount of control & execution of management principles to make your practice a success. This article outlines some of the barriers one may face and how can you can overtake these.

Not maintaining good Relationships with Patients

You could be the most skilled doctor in your city, but if patients perceive you as arrogant or rude, they might prefer to go to some other practice. Thus it is important to be respectful always.

Incorrect pricing:

Pricing of the procedures and treatments is very important. If you charge too high, patients might not be able to afford you. If you charge too low, you might be perceived as a low quality doctor. Thus you must first choose your target group that you will target, study the competitors rates and then choose your pricing strategy.

Unable to Promote

Word of mouth can do wonders that no advertising can do. But then it takes months and sometimes years to build that trust & brand. So when you start your practice, you must set aside some money for advertising & promotional needs. Don’t depend on word of mouth totally to work for you.

Paying too much for supplies:

Some doctors assume that the local supplies are not every expensive as compared to the prices at different places across the country. Although it is easy to work & manage local vendors but you should get bids from companies across the country.

Lack of budgeting:

Budgeting is important for any practice to implement. You should create a properly developed & thought out budget. That will help you plan for the future activities & yield better results.


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