Is Cosmetic Surgery Financing A Viable Option For You?

Is Cosmetic Surgery Financing A Viable Option For You-

Are you planning to undergo a cosmetic surgery? If so, you probably be looking for available finances to pay for the expensive cosmetic surgery since it is not covered by your insurance company.

There is no denying the fact that paying for such expensive surgeries is getting harder day by day, thanks to today’s economy. Cosmetic surgery is one of the most expensive surgeries that a person may want to undergo with some surgeries costing as much as a small car.

Are medical credit cards worth the investment?

However, cosmetic surgery often comes with the availability of financing. Cosmetic treatment financing is usually available much like the financing of other things. You may pull out a credit card and pay for your cosmetic surgery. And the best part is almost every cosmetic surgery clinic accepts these credit cards for any type of cosmetic treatment.

However, the only problem with credit cards is monthly interest rates. The interest rates on these medical credit cards are usually extremely high which, at times, makes the cost of the treatment almost double its actual cost. Therefore, the only option a patient is left with is paying the treatment cost as soon as possible to save on the interest rates that will incur on the treatment cost. Also, in order to get the treatment financed, you need to have a good credit score. Only people with good credit score are eligible for financing. Therefore, people with low credit score are often denied financing or charged higher interest rates.

In-house patient financing and medical plans

Cosmetic surgery clinics are offering many ways to help their potential patients by financing their treatments with the help of systems such as MedLoft that allow doctors to finance their patients without involving with any third-party credit company. These systems also enable doctors to create their own in-house discount health plans.


Brings more patients in the door

When a clinic offers in-house patient financing programs, they may also be able to increase the number of patients they get on a regular basis. When people know that you offer payment plans, they’ll be much more likely to seek out your services when they need them. Instead of putting off their medical care or seeking some other way to treat a condition, they will be more likely to come to your office.


In-house patient financing and health plans also give doctors control over the billing process. They can set up their own terms with their patients right before finalizing the treatment. They know when to expect payment, and change the treatment cost as per the condition of the patient.

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