According to a joint survey conducted by Physicians Practice and Kareo, practice growth is highly significant to every practice, and approximately 20% practices say that getting new patients is their practice’s biggest challenge. Also, more than 60% of local practices depend completely on word-of-mouth marketing to promote their business and engage new patients.


The healthcare landscape is changing. And since patients are paying a maximum portion of their own healthcare expenses, they expect an increased level of service and access. Also, today’s generation is more involved in the online world and expect the same level of electronic connectivity from their medical practitioners. It’s been reported that patients are ready to change their healthcare providers for more connectivity, lower costs or better service.


Word-of-mouth marketing alone is not enough to cut it anymore. In order to attract new patients and grow your practice, you need new media. Moreover, every one in five users consults online reviews and rankings before approaching a healthcare provider or medical treatment as per the Pew Research Center. Also, according to Harvard Business School paper, a practice can see their revenue grow by 6 to 9% with an increase of one-star rating on Yelp.

Everybody needs vacations. Vacations not only relieve you from stress but they energize you plus you learn so much as well. When we go out, we not only have fun, but we learn new things about people of that region. If we have a good company for a vacation, nothing can beat that feeling.


Everybody deserves a break. People from all professions deserve them but especially do those, who have a hectic and stressful profession like doctors. However, for doctors to take a true vacation without being bothered, they need to properly manage and set aside time for the vacation to ensure it is indeed a rejuvenating and worthwhile break.


So here is the solution. Read the blog completely to know how doctors can make vacations a reality.


A doctor’s life is not easy. First the medical education takes years and when you start our practice, It takes a lot more than only the medical knowledge to run a medical practice successfully. It takes a significant amount of control & execution of management principles to make your practice a success. This article outlines some of the barriers one may face and how can you can overtake these.

Not maintaining good Relationships with Patients

You could be the most skilled doctor in your city, but if patients perceive you as arrogant or rude, they might prefer to go to some other practice. Thus it is important to be respectful always.

Incorrect pricing:

As a family, you need to be prepared for the worst situations especially when it comes to health. So either you need to save so that you have enough in case of a medical urgency or you should choose a health plan that several doctors offer so that you only pay a monthly fee to be a member of the plan and be covered. As a result, you can get the treatment whenever it is recommended. For example, a Gynecologist can cover a woman for all the treatments related to woman health issues. Similarly you can get your pet covered under a Veterinarian with a health plan for pets.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and review sites like Yelp are best tools to create an extremely competitive environment for medical practices. Whether you run one office or manage several locations, you can check few simple tools and easily strategies to take your practice to grow to next level.

     1. Keep Up With Social Media

The majority of people are on Facebook and Twitter; even your prospective patients expect your practice to have a Facebook business page or Twitter account handle as well. In addition to building trust with new patients, social media accounts can also be a great tool to stay in touch with your current patients and keep them informed. Just be sure to stay active on social media. Posting just a few times a week is enough to keep your name in patient’s mind.

I made a few visits to new practices in the past few months and the most frustrating thing was finding them. While the navigation lady said, ‘you have reached your destination’, I could still not spot the same. As a result, I passed the practice and then I had to take a U turn, resulting in driving as long as 5 to 7 extra kms.


This is because practices don’t understand the importance of signage. It is through signage that your new patients can reach you on time. Thus a signage which is not visible results in difficulty for new patient to reach you. As a result, they could be late or not reach you at all for the appointment directly affecting your revenues.